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PostSubject: CLAN RULES   Thu Apr 22, 2010 7:45 am

War Rules:

All members that particapate in a war must let the leader know if they can play the full 3GP's, if you can't then a sub will be found, any members leaving a War halfway through with out good reason or warning wont be aloud to war again, and maybe be dismissed from the Clan

Clan Rules:

No spamming the chat or Double clanning, No glitching ww races , No Hacking , RT tag must be worn at all times, if a member go's absent for Vacation or for other reasons then let the clan know by making a post in the ABSENCE forum, or esle we will think you are inactive which may result in you being kicked from RT

Clan Policy:

We want all member to have fun in RT , this isn't all about being serious, the serious part is when we war , the rest of the time we want to have a good atmosphere in the chat and for all members to feel comfortable in RT, if any member has a dispute with another member that can't be resolved then plz tell one of the leaders, don't take your dispute to the chat for everyone to see plz keep it private .

Regards RT Team
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